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George and Moona Salas are a power couple in the world of real estate investing. They were married in March of 2022, and have a son. Moona is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in short term rentals. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration and Corporate Finance, and is the co-founder of SuperSTR Agents, a company that helps other agents specialize in short term rentals and increase their income. With a large portfolio of her own properties, Moona is passionate about teaching others how to maximize their investments through strategic design and staging. George is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, inspirational speaker, fund manager, and elite short-term rental investing coach. He is the CEO & Founder of Real Estate Investment Operations & Consulting Companies, Empress Capital, and Creative STR Wealth. With over 5 years of experience in real estate investing, George leads top-tier real estate masterminds, syndications, and operates properties nationwide. He and his team create world-class vacation rental properties that offer a perfect blend of lifestyle, cash flow, and wealth creation for both active and passive investors. Together, George and Moona bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the real estate investing world. They are dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals and build wealth through real estate investing.

Out Team


Co-Founder, General Partner & Investment Manager

Trevor is a Manager of the General Partner and principal manager of 20Plus Capital. He is a Marine Corp veteran, serving in the infantry from 2005-2009 and conducted two tours in Iraq during that time. He has since graduated from UNLV with degrees in Finance and entrepreneurship and started a handful of businesses. His business ventures include a boutique gym, mortgage lending, short term rental management as well as ownership and operation of short-term rentals.

He is currently a managing partner of GTSTRentals, which manages short term rentals across several cities and states. Trevor started investing in short-term/vacation rentals in 2020 and started a management company the following year. He has helped investors identify, acquire, setup, operate and exit short term rentals on a regular basis since 2021. With the addition of his newest venture: 20Plus Capital, he has created a vertically integrated enterprise that can pool investor funds to purchase multiple properties to be operated as short-term rentals.


Integrator, Head of Systems & Operations

Wayne Lingerfelt is the COO and principal of the General Partner, with a chemical engineering degree from Auburn University. He has diverse experience in oil and gas, aerospace, biofuels, and over a decade of entrepreneurship and real estate investment. Wayne’s career began with the NASA Space Shuttle program, where he developed problem-solving and optimization skills.

He’s an expert in Lean Process, 6 Sigma, automation, and software development. Wayne has 5+ years of experience in real estate, excelling in various aspects of the industry. In the past decade, he has successfully launched and expanded businesses in construction, biochemical production, and real estate.

Aside from his professional life, Wayne is a musician and fitness enthusiast, and he’s been married for 16 years with a strong commitment to his family.